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Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York

Richard Bean's award-winning One Man, Two Guvnors – a smash-hit in London and on Broadway –  takes a classic Italian comedy by Goldoni and turns it into a riotous British farce full of slapstick, songs and laugh-out-loud one-liners.


Sacked from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall finds employment with small-time East End gangster Roscoe – who's actually Roscoe's twin sister Rachel in disguise. Roscoe has been killed by Rachel's boyfriend – upper-class twit Stanley. Ever-hungry Francis spots the opportunity for another meal ticket by taking on a second job working for Stanley. And, of course, neither Stanley nor Rachel are aware that they are both employing the same man as their inefficient minder. Confused? It doesn't matter. From start to finish it's a feast of visual and verbal humour.


Phil Grainger, creative director of York-based arts collective Gobbledigook, starred as Francis Henshall, the role created by James Cordon at the National Theatre in 2011. The production, which had audiences in stitches from start to finish, also saw Pick Me Up debuts by Mick Liversidge as hapless waiter Alfie, Nick Lewis as Charlie 'The Duck' Clench and James Potter as Stanley Stubbers. 


Phil Grainger and Maya Tether – photo by Matthew Kitchen

May 11-15 2016



Written by

Richard Bean


based on The Servant of Two Masters by

Carlo Goldoni


Directed by 

Robert Readman


Stage Manager

Sandie Tanner-~Smith



Teresa Carr, Jane Carr


Lighting, Sound & FX

Adam Moore – Tech247





Francis Henshall

Phil Grainger


Stanley Stubbers

James Potter



Mick Liversidge


Rachel Crabbe

Maya Bartley O'Dea



Maya Tether


Charlie Clench

Nick Lewis


Pauline Clench

Holly Surtees-Smith


Alan Dangle

Sam Baxter



Joe Hudson


Harry Dangle

Craig Kirby


The Craze

James Wood

Jake Adams

Adam Bonser

James McIlwraith







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