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Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York

Pick Me Up's York premiere production of Ghost The Musical  took audiences on a powerful emotional rollercoaster ride that inspired standing ovations for the cast, plaudits for the production, and lots of tearful requests for tissues!


The show –  based on the Oscar-winning movie starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg – featured wonderful central performances by Pick Me Up newcomers Lottie Henshall as Molly Jenson and Joe Mellor as Sam Wheat who created what the York Press called an "utterly believable relationship, one that has audience reaching for hankies more than once".


Charles Hutchinson said in his review: "Fraser Wilkinson is impressive too as the duplicitious Carl Bruner; Lee West's scrap of a baddie, Willy Lopez, catches the tone too, while Jed Berry's choreography brings out the ghostly in the ghosts."





























And he hailed Emma Osman's performance as phoney psychic Oda Mae Brown, saying "comic relief could not be more comical or relieving ... more Whitney Houston than Whoppi Goldberg in stature but a scream from over-dressed head to toe".


The production – which featured stunning lighting by Chris Speight and projection designs by Adam Moore – was pulled togetherby what the Press dubbed "the young creative triumvirate" of director Robyn Grant , musical director Tom Marlow and choreographer Jed Berry.


Robyn said: "When I first saw Ghost the Musical in March 2011 at the world premiere in 

Manchester I had no idea that nearly three and a half years later I would be directing my own version here in York!  I leapt at the opportunity but then of course panicked. The show is renowned for its special effects and challenging music and with just three weeks of rehearsal time how on earth were we going to pull it off?"






































Robyn said the answer was to focus on the story. “I really wanted to create believable people and a real relationship,” said Robyn. “My vision was to stay away from glitz and glamour and to look at the truths of love, loss and everything human in between."


The story centres on young New York couple Sam and Molly who are torn apart when Sam is murdered, left for dead in a dark alleyway.


Robyn said: “During rehearsals, Lottie and Joe spent a lot of time together in character as the young lovers to form a close bond. I think their on-stage chemistry is so believable the audience can’t help but care about them and share their grief.


“At the end of the show, people have been leaving with tears streaming down their faces and so many ladies have asked at the kiosk for tissues we sent someone out after the matinee to go and buy some.”



8-16 AUGUST 2014



Book & Lyrics 

Bruce Joel Rubin


Music & Lyrics 

Dave Stewart & Glen Ballard



Robyn Grant


Jed Berry


Producer & Designer

Robert Readman


Associate Choreographer

Matthew Hill


Musical Director

Tom Marlow


Assistant Musical Director 

Barbara Chan





Molly Jenson

Lottie Henshall


Sam Wheat

Joe Mellor


Oda Mae Brown

Emma Osman


Carl Bruner

Fraser Wilkinson


Willie Lopez

Lee West


Hospital Ghost & Lionel Furgeson

Craig Kirby


Subway Ghost

Claire Pulpher


Rosa Santiago & Nun 2

Susannah Baines



Louise Carter



Emily Ramsden


Child Ghost

Ruby Johnson


Bank Assistant & Nun 1

Kirsten Moore


Hospital Ghost & Bank Officer

Holly Surtees-Smith


Officer Wallace

Emma Hayes


Detective Beiderman & Doctor 1

Sam Hird


Doctor 2

Kris Wright



Chris Mortimer



Ben Williams



Meg Forgan





Keyboard 1

Barbara Chan


Keyboard 2

Sam Johnson



Neil Morgan



Georgia Edwards & Twm Dylan



Clark Howard & Jez Smith



Fabio Sarlo & Dyzelle Sutherland



George Wissen



Katie Wood & Michael Sluman





Technical Supervisor

Alistair Penman


Lighting Director & Electrician

Chris Speight


Projection Designer & Operator

Adam Moore


Stage Manager

Nick Lay, Nigel Metheringham & Dan Shrimpton


Assistant Stage Manager

Sofia Carpenter


Sound Operator

Joel Suter


Sound 2

Ella Dixon



Jo Hird





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