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Pick Me Up Theatre's 50th anniversary production of Dad's Army

DAD'S ARMY: 50th Anniversary

John Cooper Studio Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York

Pick Me Up Theatre are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the much-loved BBC sitcom Dad’s Army in 2018 with a stage version featuring some of its most memorable moments.


The John Cooper Studio at 41 Monkgate in York will be transformed into the Walmington-on-Sea Church Hall and filled with all our favourite characters:


Pompous Captain Mainwaring is played by Mark Hird, whose past Pick Me Up roles include Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, Charles Guiteau in Assassins, Inspector Wormold in Betty Blue Eyes, and Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady


His charming “would you mind awfully” second-in-command Sergeant Wilson is played by Rory Mulvihill, who starred as Henry Higgins in Pick Me Up’s My Fair Lady.


Mick Liversidge (doddering waiter Alfie in One Man Two Governors) is Lance Corporal “Don’t Panic!” Jones, Adam Sowter (Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz and Gilbert in Betty Blue Eyes) is Private “Stupid Boy” Pike, Bill Laverick (Betty Blue Eyes, The Pitmen Painters) is Private “We’re Doomed” Frazer, Andrew Roberts (Spamalot, Gypsy, My Fair Lady) plays the black market spiv Private Walker, and Harry Revell makes his Pick Me Up debut as mild-mannered old Private Godfrey.


Robert Readman’s strong cast also includes Ian Giles (The Wizard of Oz) as Chief Warden Hodges,  Sandy Nicholson (My Fair Lady, Peter Pan), as Mrs Gray, and Neil Foster (Irwin in The History Boys and Mal in The Addams Family) as the U-Boat Captain.

The show will feature live period music from musical director Sam Johnson and singers Emma Dickinson, Kirsty Hughes, Glynn Mills, Adam Price and Natalie Walker.

The stage show includes three classic episodes of the TV series written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft:


The Deadly Attachment – where the platoon are ordered to guard  the crew of a captured German U-boat in the episode featuring the immortal line “Don’t tell him, Pike!”


Mum’s Army – in which Captain Mainwaring allows women to join the platoon and falls for one of the new recruits.


The Godiva Affair – where the platoon are rehearsing a Morris Dance to perform in a fund-raising carnival parade that will include a ride past by Lady Godiva.


The show also features The Floral Dance – with the platoon rehearsing a traditional Cornish dance along with wardens and some of the ladies of Walmington-on-Sea. The original Dad’s Army cast performed the hilarious Floral Dance sketch on Christmas Night With The Stars, a special programme shown on Christmas Day 1970, and again at the Royal Variety Performance in 1975. No video of the sketch remains, so this is a rare chance to see a unique piece of Dad’s Army history.

crop-da 2.jpg

21 - 29 September 2018

Written by

Jimmy Perry and David Croft

Directed by

Robert Readman

Musical director

Sam Johnson


Captain Mainwaring

Mark Hird


Sergeant Wilson

Rory Mulvihill


Lance Corporal Jones

Mick Liversidge


Private Frazer

Bill Laverick


Private Walker

Andrew Roberts


Private Godfrey

Harry Revell

Private Pike

Adam Sowter

Chief Warden Hodges

Ian Giles

U-Boat Captain/Vicar

Neil Foster

Mrs Gray

Sandy Nicholson

Mrs Fox

Rachel Parkinson

Mrs Pike

Emma Dickinson

Colonel/Private Cheeseman

Robert King

Mr Yeatman

Martin Rowley


Mr Gordon/U Boat Captain

Glynn Mills


Private Sponge

Adam Price

Private Hancock/Vicar

Noel Stabler

Edith Parish

Alexandra Mather

Ivy Samways

Flo Poskitt

Miss Ironside

Naomi Lombard

Young ladies/waitresses

Emily Chattle

Iona Kaye


Emma Dickinson

Kirsty Hughes

Glynn Mills

Adam Price

Natalie Walker


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