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Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York

Pick Me Up's York youth premiere of  Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Evita featured a talented cast aged 21 and under, led by Robyn Grant as Eva Peron and Aran MacRae as Che Guevara. And for the first three nights of the run understudy Stephanie Bolsher stepped up to shine as Eva when Robyn lost her voice.


The production begins with a young and ambitious Eva and follows her meteoric rise to sainthood as she becomes the beloved Evita.


Evita’s memorable Don’t Cry For Me Argentina was first recorded and released in 1976 by
Julie Covington followed by the complete double album release, which went gold. The stage production opened on June 21, 1978, at the Prince Edward Theatre in London with Elaine Paige in the title role and Joss Ackland as her formidable Juan Peron.


The Pick Me Up production was hailed as "another triumph in another hall" for director Robert Readman. Charles Hutchinson, in the York Press, picked out Aran's "stand-out performance" of And The Money Kept Rolling In, which he said was "the best moment for the ensemble and Jed Berry's choreography too".


And he wrote: "John Whitney has gravitas as the formidable Juan Peron, while Joe Douglass is fabulous as tango dancer Augustin Magaldi and Lauren Sheriston maximises her only moment in the spotlight, the Mistress’s Another Suitcase In Another Hall, still Lloyd Webber’s best ever pop tune."





Productions of Evita have been performed all over the world, including performances in Austria, Spain, Mexico and South Africa. The Broadway premiere was in September 1979. The production ran for an incredible 1,567 performances (more than twice as many as Jesus Christ Superstar). It won an impressive seven Tony Awards including Best Book, Best Score and Best Musical of the year. In 1981 the Evita cast recording received a Grammy Award.


A revival of the show opened at London’s Adelphi Theatre in 2006, with Argentinian actress Elena Roger as Eva.


And a new production of Evita opened on Broadway in 2012, starring Elena Roger, Ricky Martin and Michael Cerveris.


16-20 APRIL 2013


Music by

Andrew Lloyd-Webber


Lyrics by

Tim Rice


Directed and designed by 

Robert Readman


Choreography by 

Jed Berry


Musical director

Mike Thompson


Assistant musical director

Barbara Chan











Eva Peron

Robyn Grant, Stephanie Bolsher


Che Guevara

Aran MacRae


Juan Peron

John Whitney

Augustin Magaldi

Joe Douglass


Lauren Sheriston


Lewis Douglas, Grant Urquhart, Matthew Lyth, Olivia Hildreth, Poppy Carroll-Pithers, Stephanie Bolsher, Saffron Hartley, Stacey Young, Ruby Johnson, Rhian Evans, Scott Goncalves, Benedict Tomlinson, Tim Pickman, Katie Glover, Elly Mawson, Lucie Baillie, Megan Luty, Robyn Mcintyre, Emily Belcher



Barbara Chan, Julie Naylor, Gill Boler



Tim Holmes



Craig Brown



Damien Sweeting



Pat Holme



Laurie Gunson

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