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Who's That Woman? Follies


John Cooper Studio Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York

The year: 1971.


The place: the remnants of the iconic theatre that was once home to the famous Weismann Follies.

The occasion: a first and last reunion of the people who worked, loved and lived there in its glory days between the wars – the night before the building is set for demolition.

And you have an invitation to join the party!


Set against a backdrop of bittersweet nostalgia, the Follies showgirls of a bygone era drink, laugh, "lie about themselves a little" and perform the show-stopping numbers that once made them famous.

Stephen Sondheim's stunning musical focuses on two married couples – and we have three fantastic performers making their Pick Me Up debuts: Tracey Rea as Sally, Glynn Mills as her husband Buddy, and David Radford as Ben, husband of Phyllis, played by Pick Me Up regular Susannah Baines, whose roles have included  Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Rose in Gypsy, and the Witch in Into The Woods.

The four central characters met when Sally and Phyllis were gorgeous Weismann showgirls back in the day – and the boys were their double dates, always "waiting for the girls upstairs".

Sally married Buddy, but was in love with Ben, who married Phyllis ... and the reunion throws them right back into their complicated love quadrangle!

The cast of Sondheim's Follies

Director Robert Readman has assembled a terrific supporting cast to play all the wonderful veterans of the Follies and the ghosts of their younger selves.

Pick Me Up Theatre have won rave reviews for previous productions of Stephen Sondheim’s shows – Into The Woods at the Grand Opera House in 2014 and a summer season in 2016 featuring Assassins and Sweeney Todd.


Audiences who attended the Sondheim summer season at 41 Monkgate will know the effect these pieces make when you’re up close and personal with the performers!

So Dimitri Weismann invites you to join Pick Me Up for the Follies reunion – and enjoy some of Sondheim's most memorable songs including Losing My Mind, I'm Still Here and Broadway Baby.

6 - 14 July 2018

Book by

James Goldman

Music and lyrics by

Stephen Sondheim

Directed by

Robert Readman

Musical director

Barbara Chan


Sam Johnson

Lighting and sound

Adam Moore



Sally Durant Plummer

Tracey Rea


Young Sally

Emma Louise Dickinson


Phyllis Rogers Stone

Susannah Baines


Young Phyllis

Gemma Louise Keane

Benjamin Stone

David Radford


Young Ben

Sam Hird


Buddy Plummer

Glynn Mills


Young Buddy

Adam Price

Carlotta Campion

Sandy Nicholson


Stella Deems

Juliet Waters


Max Deems

Bill Laverick


Hattie Walker

Beryl Nairn


Young Hattie

Flo Poskitt


Solange LaFitte

Sonia Skelton


Young Solange

Alex Mather


Emily Whitman

Maggie Smales


Young Emily

Emily Chattle


Theodore Whitman

Noel Stabler


Young Theodore

Robert Fisher


Heidi Schiller

Ruth Russell

Young Heidi

Kirsty Hughes


Dimitri Weismann

Mark Hird



Iona Kaye



Amelia Cook

Weismann's Assistant

David Todd



Finn East

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