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Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York

Pick Me Up staged the York premiere  of Broadway hit 13 by Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown just two years after its first appearance in the UK at the National Youth Theatre.


The musical, set to an unforgettable rock score, follows the life of Evan Goldman, a slightly confused teenager, whose world is turned upside down when his parents divorce. He's suddenly forced to move from busy New York to “the lamest place in the world,” Appleton Indiana, a small town in the middle of nowhere. Evan has one mission – to get all the cool kids in school to come to his Bar Mitzvah, “the Jewish super bowl.”


Charles Hutchinson, reviewing the production in the York Press, said: "Marks out of 10? 13 of course!"


Jack Armstrong starred as Evan Goldman, following his run as the Artful Dodger in Sheffield Crucible’s production of Oliver! last Christmas, with Kiera Leaper as Patrice and Ned Tomlinson as Archie. Daniel McGuinness made his directorial debut for Pick Me Up.


Hutchinson wrote: "Their partnership works wonderfully as they spark off each other under McGuinness’s direction, Armstrong having an air of pathos, Leaper, the best American singing accent and a knock-out voice, and Tomlinson, an acute sense of comedy.




16-19 APRIL 2014


Music and lyrics by

Jason Robert Brown


Book by

Dan Elish and Robert Horn


Produced by

Robert Readman


Directed by

Daniel McGuinness


Musical direction by

Barbara Chan


Choreography by

Jed Berry and Nadia Douglass






Evan Goldman

Jack Armstrong



Kiera Leaper



Ned Tomlinson



Sophie Cox



Jed Berry



Ebony Hiley


Rhys Evans


James Harrison


Katy Metheringham


Billy Ibbotson


Sophie Walmsley


Natalia Leaper


Kieran Robson


Adam Odell


Jed Berry, who choreographed the show with Nadia Douglass, played sporty quarterback Brett and Sophie Cox took the role of wildcat Lucy. Hutchinson said: "Berry and Cox have plenty of fireworks – as do Berry and Nadia Douglass’s choreography and Barbara Chan’s band leadership – and another joy of 13 is its spread of colourful supporting roles that give so many cast members a moment in the singing spotlight."


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