A message from the creators of Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure …


"We were delighted to hear that Pick Me Up Theatre had chosen to perform our version of Peter Pan in York. It remains one of our favourite shows, not just because of JM Barrie's wonderful, timeless story, but also because it was our last collaboration with our dear friend, the late Willis Hall - from whom I learned so much about writing.


"Ants' very first memory of going to the theatre was to see a production of Barrie's play starring Wendy Craig as Peter Pan and Alastair Sim as Captain Hook. The story captivated him as a child and still resonates with us both as adults (though we have long since grown out of our childhood dream that Peter will, one night, alight at our bedroom windows).


"We both very much hope you enjoy this production of our musical 'take' on the story and extend our best wishes to the cast, crew and creative team."


George Stiles & Anthony Drewe