A 'wonderful' show that 'hit the heights': 


November 22nd, 2013

Nik Briggs as Captain Hook in Pick Me Up Theatre's production of Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure by Stiles & Drewe

What the critics say …


Charles Hutchinson, The York Press:


"Like the flying Darlings, this Peter Pan hit the heights"


"Peter is played by 17-year-old Leeds actor Jed Berry … with glitter in his hair, something of Soft Cell’s Marc Almond about the way he moves and sings, and petulance bordering on a tantrum."


"Lauren Sheriston's singing is maturing very impressively and her characterisation of a girl on the cusp of discovering love, to go with the natural authority of the eldest child, is top notch too."


"Nik Briggs is a thespian Captain Hook with shades of Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean; Sandy Nicholson's Storyteller is as polished as Julie Andrews; and Alicia Roberts is utterly motherly as Mrs Darling."


"Best of all is the scene stealer with the adroitness of a pickpocket, Jonny Holbek's  comical, unctuous West Country Smee."


"Emily Belcher, fresh from her appearance on Chris Evans’s BBC Radio 2 breakfast show this week, shines as a light-as-a-feather Tinkerbell; Sam Roberts and Kieran Robson are blossoming as Michael and John Darling; and Coraleigh Hobson’s Tigerlily marks her out as the next Readman discovery to be nurtured to lead roles."


"Jolley Gosnold’s choreography brings out the best in the Lost Boys, Indian Braves and Pirates; the flying scenes are truly uplifting; and Adam Tomlinson’s band thoroughly enjoys the myriad musical styles of Stiles and Drewe."


"Look out for the humorous flourishes in Readman’s direction and design: the Italian, Brummie and Scottish accents among the Lost Boys; the Mermaid reading 50 Shades Of Grey; the multitude of pyjama material from Leeds market for the Lost Boys; the crocodile head attached to a pedal bike for mobility."




Helen Stothard, York Mix:


"Pick Me Up Theatre have staged a delightful musical version of Peter Pan …"


"There were a number of standout performers during the evening, starting with Oscar Roger playing the paper boy in the first scene. You could hear other audience members commenting on how authentic he was, running around the stage shouting to come and get your paper."


"The Lost Boys were full of energy and my daughter commented that Tootles (Daniel McGuiness) could give Jedward a run for their money in the hair stakes."


"Jonny Holbeck  was a perfect sidekick for Hook and very popular – I particularly liked his stripy ankle socks! "


"The pirates were very entertaining, be they walking backwards across the stage to confuse the Indian trackers, or dancing in kilts. Chloe Shipley was certainly the best looking pirate in her waistcoat, shorts and thigh high boots."


:Wendy (Lauren Sheriston) and Mrs Darling (Alicia Roberts) had beautiful voices."


"Peter, played by Jed Berry, was full of energy and fizz, with his glittery hair and stripy short pyjamas, and he never stayed still. His last scene in the nursery, where Wendy has grown old, was actually quite sad."


"The finale, There’s Always Tomorrow, saw the whole cast on stage, and the blend of the main and backing singers was wonderful."


"For me the star of the show has to be Nik Briggs who, whilst he was entertaining as Mr Darling, stole the show as Captain Hook. He strutted across the stage in his clinging black tights and thigh high boots  (I’m jealous he has better legs than me!),  and gave a hilarious and convincing performance. I think it’s safe to say he’s my favourite Captain Hook ever."


"This was a wonderful show, well received by the audience."


Check out our gallery of pics from the show, from backstage and from the rehearsals. 


Jed Berry as Peter – "full of energy and fizz with his glittery hair and stripy short pyjamas"

"Jolley Gosnold's choreography brings out the best in the Lost Boys"


"Sam Roberts and Kieran Robson are blossoming as Michael and John Darling"


"Tootles (Daniel McGuiness) could give Jedward a run for their money in the hair stakes"


"Nik Briggs stole the show … my favourite Captain Hook ever"